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25th December 2006, Mumbai: Have a brilliant idea but need capital? IIT plans to bridge the gap for would-be entrepreneurs. If you think you have it in you to become India's next Dhirubhai Ambani or N Naryana Murthy but can't find the finance for your pet plan, just log on to and upload your business plan and your dreams may well come true... ........ more
December 2006, Mumbai: Fed up of being a Sunday sportsman? Looking to set up your own enterprise? The E-Summit organised by IIT Powai, showed the way on December 10. The E-Summit is a unique initiative by The Entrepreneurship Cell at IIT, to motivate and educate people about entrepreneurship and serves as a meeting ground for corporate and young budding entrepreneurs from distinguished institutions across the country................. more
14th December 2006, Mumbai: Now you don’t have to go aimlessly knocking on doors for funding. If you have a business idea, but didn’t know how and who to tap to take it forward, then IIT Bombay has the answer: Global Entrepreneurship Network, or GEN, helps you set up your own business enterprise with the help of a team spread across the globe. An online platform (), GEN will help provide a support system for the business initiatives of budding entrepreneurs among students and working professionals. ....... more
11th December 2006, Mumbai: About 300 students of the Indian Institute of Technology or IIT, Powai were provided an unique opportunity to nurture business ideas in a professional framework at an entrepreneurship summit or "E-Summit" on Sunday organised by the entrepreneurship cell of the IIT. The workshops held as part of the summit provided participants with an overview of business planning to enable them to meet ground realities.. ........ more
7th September 2006, Mumbai: The Overall Coordinator of The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay talks about E-Cell and its various initiatives. He also talks about the much awaited Global Entrepreneurship Network. This 5 minute video clip captures the show.
14th June 2006, Mumbai: R Anand and Vivek Arya are in the process of putting together course material for the Simulations Intergrated Management Programme..... Nothing unusual about this until you realise that the boys are 20 year old students of electrical engineering at IIT Bombay........ more
25th August 2006, Mumbai: R Anand and Vivek Arya went into business a few months ago. They hired two full-time employees at a starting salary of Rs. 10,000 each, and roped in a host of consultants, including professors of IIT Powai. Both 20 year olds are undergraduate IIT students. Anand and Arya are among the several entrepreneur students of IIT Powai, who have taken to business, while still studying........ more
11th September 2006, Mumbai: The Entrepreneurship Cell of IIT Bombay is organising Eureka-2006 - the International business plan competition. The contest is open to aspiring entrepreneurs and working professionals. Contestants have to come up with ideas combining technology, vision and business acumen ........ more
August 2006, Mumbai: On August 7, IIT Powai presented a new perspective with the focus on 'technopreneurship', that is, entrepreneurship on the basis of new innovations in technology in the IDEAZ 2006 challenge. The event conducted by the Entrepreneurship Cell at IITB........ more
June 2006, Mumbai: The Summer Founders Program held at IIT Powai saw bigwigs from the corporate world evaluate innovative business plans offered by IITians and provide them with necessary resources in launching their startup this summer itself. Organised by the E-cell of IIT, the programme on June 10 aimed to promote the concept of entrepreneurship........ more
14th June 2006, Mumbai: While many of their classmates were either chilling out at home for the past two months of summer vacation or protesting against the quota policy, four groups of students at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IITB) came up with innovative ideas and product, ranging from a luxury two-wheeler to a website for student internships. After going through the Summer Founders Program at IIT Bombay........ more
29th May 2006, Mumbai: In a few months, a student from a small technical institute in rural Maharashtra with a great technological idea may be able to tie up with a financial consultant at an European firm to start a company. A group of students at IIT Bombay are developing a web forum ......... more
27th March 2006, Mumbai: This summer, when the IIT hostels at Powai wear an empty look but for formally dressed final-year students hurrying off to their summer placements, a group of students will be immersed in meetings through the day and brainstorming over cups of coffee through the night. It won't be exams, projects or complex computer codes on their minds- it'll be their very own companies....... more
27th March 2006, Mumbai: The IITians, empowered with their degrees and innovative ideas, are moving away from the trodden path and building the new road for themselves to forge ahead. "The students have on their side IIT's brand value, the huge support system within the campus and the advantage of having friends you can team up with," says Vievk Arya........ more
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