• What is Eureka! ? Find Out More: Visit Now - Click Here
    • Eureka! is the biggest Business Plan Competition in India and one of the Top Five in the Asia-Oceanic region in terms of participation, prizes and resources. It is intended as a platform to encourage youth from across the globe to flesh out their ideas in business terms and form global enterprises that combine technology, vision and business acumen.
  • When does it happen?
    • The whole process starts with your registration. Registrations for Eureka! 2010 begins August 2010. Eureka! 2010 is divided into three stages, extending up to February 2011.
  • Who can participate?
    • Eureka! 2010 is open for students and working professionals from all over the world who wish to convert their ideas to successful enterprises.
  • Why participate?
    • Apart from the total prize money of, the complete process will include intensive mentoring at each stage. Final presentation will provide the finalists with an opportunity to present their business plan to Venture Capitalists and Incubator. Short listed participants will also be able to interact with first hand entrepreneurs to share their experiences.
  • Where do i get more information?
    • For registration and other details, please check the Eureka! Website
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