Faculty Panel

Every entrepreneur knows the thrill of a great idea. They've felt the pride of nurturing a vision and watching it grow. So, when it comes time for them to fly, they want people who share that spirit and know what it takes to make a company succeed.

Whether you are seeking investment to get your idea off the ground or looking to fuel a proven idea toward greatness or advice on any entrepreneurial issue, E-Cell is the organization which helps you make it happen at every stage.

The faculty panel of E-Cell consists of faculty members from various institutes across India who have excelled in their respective fields and have agreed to help out budding entrepreneurs.

Name Institute Expertise
A K Jain IIT Roorkee Nonlinear Analysis of Structures, Multistorey Buildings, Earthquake Resistant Design of Buildings, High strength and high performance concrete
Abha Chatterjee IIM Indore General Mgt.
Anil Naik welingkar Research
Anita Bandopadhyay welingkar HR
Anjan Raichaudhari IIM Calcutta Marketing
Ashok Kumar IIT Kanpur Design and development of new smart polymeric biomaterials and supermacroporous matrices for different applications in biology and biotechnology
B Mahadevan IIM Bangalore production and operations management
Bernadette Dsilva welingkar (Distance Learning)
Bhatnagar Deepti IIM Ahmedabad Specialization in organizational behavior and personal and interpersonal dynamics.
Bindi Mehta NMIMS Industrial Economics, Industry / Sector / Market Studies, Developmental issues
Chandrasekar V ISB Entrepreneurship
Debashish Bhattacherjee IIM Calcutta H. R. Mgt.
Devdas Menon IIT Madras Reinforced and prestressed concrete design, Structural reliability, Bridge engineering
Dheeraj Sanghi IIT Kanpur Computer Networks, Protocols, TCP/IP, IPv6, Network Security, Multimedia, IP/PSTN Internetworking, Operating Systems
Dr Mathew J. Manimala IIM Bangalore Organization Behaviour
Dr.Mathew JBIMS
G K Suraishkumar IIT Madras Mainly dealing with bioreactors and bioreactor cultures. also work in the areas of apoptosis, and bioreactors for plant shoot culture.
Ganesh N Prabhu IIM Bangalore corporate strategy and policy
Harsh Mohan SP JAIN International Marketing.
I. S. F. Irudayaraj XLRI Jamshedpur Organization Behaviour
J. Singh XLRI Jamshedpur Organisational Behaviour
Kavil Ramachandran ISB Hyderabad Entrepreneurship
Ketna Mehta welingkar research
Keyoor Purani IIM Kozhikode Marketing Mgt.
M Scalem IIM Indore information systems
M.S.Rao SP JAIN Marketing, Strategy formulation & Implementation.
Mathai B. Fenn XLRI Jamshedpur Marketing,Organizational Behaviour
Monica Khannna K J Somaiya mktg(was with siemens)
Mrs.Gulnar Sharma JBIMS
Mrs.M.K.Madala NITIE Organizational Behaviour, Personnel Mgmt., Entrepreneurship, Quality Mgmt.
Mrs.Vanita Patel Welingkar Finance;Family Managed Business Program
Ms. Kumkum Garg IIT Roorkee Computer Networks, Mobile Computing, Artificial Intelligence
NARAYANAN, N. NITIE opertations
Noronha Ernesto IIM Ahmedabad Organizational Behaviour
Oburai Prathap IIM Ahmedabad Marketing
P Rameshan IIM Kozhikode Strategy
Parimal Merchant SP JAIN Financial Management & Capital Market
Patel Rajendra IIM Ahmedabad Finance and Accounting
Pradip K Chande IIM Indore Information systems
Pranab K Pani IIM Indore Economics
Prithwiraj Nath XLRI Jamshedpur marketing
R P Maheshwari IIT Roorkee Digital Instrumentation/Real-time Control/Digital Protective Relays/AI Application in Protective Relays/Protective Relay Testing
Radha Aiyer K J Somaiya HR
Rahul De IIM Bangalore Quantitative Methods and Information Systems Area
Ram Kumar Kakani XLRI Jamshedpur Finance,Strategic Management
Ram Mohan T T IIM Ahmedabad finance and accounting
Ramana Sonti ISB Finance
Ravi Jain ISB Finance
Rekha NITIE Marketing Mgmt
Rishikesha T Krishnan IIM Bangalore Corporate strategy and policy
S Chandrashekar IIM Bangalore corporate strategy and policy
S P Parashar IIM Indore finance and accounting
S Ramnarayan ISB Organisational Behaviour
Sahay Arvind IIM Ahmedabad Marketing Strategy & International Business
Saji Gopinath IIM Kozhikode operations management and quantitative methods
Sankar De ISB Finance
Seema Mahajan NMIMS Marketing Management
Shrikant Parikh SP JAIN in his profile
Sinha Sidharth IIM Ahmedabad
Sudip Gupta ISB Finance
Sumit Sarkar IIM Kozhikode Economics
T A Gonzalves IIT Madras CSE - Computer and telecom networks, Distributed systems
Tapan K Panda IIM Indore Marketing
Uday Damodaran XLRI Jamshedpur finance and accounting
venkat iyer welingkar Management Development Programs
Venkat R. Krishnan XLRI Jamshedpur Organization Behaviour
Vohra Neharika IIM Ahmedabad Organization Behaviour

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