Our Vision

The Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Bombay, is a conglomerate of individuals with a vision, a dream. It is a place for all those who shirk from taking beaten paths and believe in leaving trails in all walks of life. The Cell aims at manifesting the latent Entrepreneurial spirit of young students. Not only do we show you the doors of opportunity but we also equip you to walk through it.

If you have the entrepreneurial spark, we make sure that it bursts. Strategically placed in a leading technological institute at the heart of the commercial capital of the country gives it a bird's eye view of both, the students and the corporate. With full-fledged support from the institute the Cell finds itself as a tide that would lift all the boats that come in it's path.

It is the firm belief of E-Cell that original thoughts and radical ideas take shape in young minds. Students are the greatest natural resource and the Cell intends to nurture them, provide them with opportunities for excellence. It intends to pierce the corporate veil, to let the budding entrepreneurs get a feel of how the corporate world works. In all it is the cherished dream of the Entrepreneurship Cell to create corpocrats (corporates + technocrats) out of the present day technocrats.

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