Successful startups from Eureka!

  • Voyager Infotech Private Limited
    • Winners of Eureka! 1999. It hosts a portal for auctioning creative ideas and designs. It was acquired by Purple Yogi Inc. and was the first company to be incubated and funded by an Angel investor.
  • eInfinitus Technologies Pvt Ltd
    • Winners Of Eureka! 2001 Funded by Sicom Ventures Pvt Ltd. Moved out of the Incubator. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • MyZus Privated Limited
    • Winners Of Eureka! 2000 , funded by an angel investor and moved out of Incubator as a Software products company
  • Embedded Robot Technologies
    • Winners Of Eureka! 2002 . eRT is developing Artificial Vision software protocol for the security and toy industry. The software enables 'blind' devices to act intelligently on visual actions, commands and events.
  • Duesco Private Limited
    • Winners Of Eureka! 2001 . Duesco leverages its research in Artificial Intelligence, systems and algorithms to build platforms for the next generation of enterprise systems capable of combining transaction processing etc.
  • TheraNova
    • Winners Of Eureka! 2002 . TheraNova, LLC is a biomedical device holding company whose subsidiaries have filed patents for, and are in the process of developing, multiple medical devices.
  • Phonologies Private Limited
    • Eureka! 2002 finalists Phonologies is developing core voice Technologies (text-to-speech, voice Recognition) and voice application . Solutions based on 100% Voice XML Complaint, low-cost voice server platform and be a part of .Voice Web Revolution..
  • PowaiLabs Techsoft Pvt Ltd
    • PowaiLabs is developing products in the area of FPGA-based hardware accelerators for Verilog and VHDL logic Simulation. It has developed proprietary algorithms for optimal mapping of hardware logic in Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs).
  • Eisodus networks Pvt Ltd
    • Eisodus Networks works in the area of Metro Access Networks. With glut and high availability of bandwidth in the core (backbone) networks, the last mile problem needs to be addressed with integrated solutions for carrying data, voice and video.
  • Whizlabs Software Pvt. Ltd.
    • Winners of Eureka! 2003. It has helped over 300,000 people in getting certified and advancing their careers at a whopping success rate of 99.7%. Whizlabs offerings have been endorsed by many distinguished organizations, such as, JavaLobby, Certcities, and Wrox publications.
  • Rhizo Technologies
    • Winners of Eureka! 2004. Rhizo Techologies intend to be a leading manufacturer of heat exchangers for purposes like Superheat recovery systems, condensers and other customised products for industrial applications.

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